Whether you need help with a building project, sourcing some special wallpaper, designing an extension or just want your artwork to be restored; we can help.  A full project management service is available or just supervision of individual items.  We provide as much or as little help you need.  No fuss, no bother and a beautiful property with all the details taken care of.

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What does a design and management project look like?

Initial Meeting – we meet and I take a look at the property and hear what you would like to have done. There is no charge for this stage.

Proposal – I’ll write you an outline for the work including ball park figure for the work itself if it’s applicable, an outline of my fees and how it all works. This gives you something to plan with and a gives you a chance to ask any questions.

Confirmation – Once you’re happy with the outline, I’ll pick up the keys, send an invoice through and the quotation process begins.

Quotation and Changes – After the quotes have been analysed, a contractor is confirmed and a work schedule is prepared and figures agreed. Preparation is discussed and implemented.

Work commences – the workmen arrive and the practical project begins.


If you have any questions, please either call us or see our