Room Design Ideas – a first look at a bedroom and sitting room..

Today we’re in sunny Reading looking at room design ideas and layouts for two rooms at a client’s house. The Master Bedroom and the Sitting Room.

We cover.. lighting, curtains, layout, colour and discuss where I found inspiration. Using photos from the project, I will show you what I am planning to do and later will show you things as they get put into place.

This is a relatively short video just giving you an inkling as to what needs to be done. You will find that when you start your interior design business, a lot of this type of work comes up. Clients will be ‘living in’ and will take their time deciding on what they want. It can be lengthy process.

Obviously the first issue here is accommodating what they already have, like the four poster bed and the sofa’s downstairs in the Sitting Room. Happily they are ready to update things in these rooms.

A first look at the rooms..

room design ideas room design ideas room design ideas room design ideas

As you can see with the bedroom, there is a lot to play with, providing the clients are happy to move on and update.  The flooring will be staying and we are not updating the electrics as such – only adding in light sources which involve chasing in the walls. So no new fuse box work!

The colour on the bedroom walls is Light Blue by Farrow & Ball and the woodwork will be New White – also by Farrow & Ball.


Let’s look at the sitting room..

room design ideas

The sitting room walls will change colour – possibly to a very pale pink – I think things need warming up but with contrast.


room design ideas


When you have to keep furniture, you shouldn’t see this as an issue. Think about it as a base to start from.  Here we see the corner of a Chesterfield sofa and a two seater distresses leather sofa.  I think they could do with some softer fabrics – but we shall see!

When looking at room colour – always be brave before scaling down… try colour before neutrals.. if you need inspiration – look here!

For more of what’s in store for this house -head over to Pinterest where I have created boards for each room so you can see what is being thought about and planned for.

Happy designing!