Choosing Room Colour – a colour expert shows you how to choose colour for your home with ease..

This book shows you how choosing room colour can be completed in a step by step, methodical and confident way.  A way to see what colours work together.  A way to lift those colours off the page and into your home – simply and easily. A room colour book that shows you the rooms and the palettes that created them.

So if you’re confused about choosing room colour for your home and afraid of buying the wrong paint brand and it leaving you out of pocket, then this is the book for you.

Inside are beautiful interior photographs using bold colour detailing what brands and paints have been used and what to look for when decorating with those colours.  I’ve also included over 70 palettes for you to choose from. These you can use in their entirety or just one or two of them.

Most of you will know that my book, choosing room colour, has been an all encompassing topic for me over the past few months. Quite difficult to do when you’re looking after clients in the real world! But here it is… I’m hoping it will help people choose their room colours confidently and with ease.

choosing room colour

What’s inside?

I’ve also added a few other chapters covering….

  • How to understand the colour terms and phrases used by professionals
  • What daylight does to colours and why it makes a difference in your home
  • What accent colour is and how to use it
  • How many colours should you use in a scheme
  • Ways to make colours flow throughout your property
  • Guide to sample paint colours onto your walls at home
  • Learn the difference between tones, tints, shades and hues – all explained in clear terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions – all those questions you were afraid to ask your decorator!
  • Feature Walls, Ceilings and Woodwork – what you should do with them and why

In short!

“This book is for all those that want a methodical and easy way to choose paint colours for their home.  But if you want the work done for you, just grab the idea sheets and find the paint shade that is right for your room in seconds”

What you won’t find

Endless photos of pretty rooms that have been styled by stylists

Only one paint house represented – professionals don’t use ONE paint house; we draw from a variety of sources

Choosing Room Colour Worksheets

Yes I really have done all the work for you.  I’ve made up some idea sheets for both woodwork and walls and provided a guidesheet and examples to get you started. You don’t have to get them, and you may not need them – but they available if you want them. Please email me if you would like some.

Get the book here if you want to get it from Amazon or for your Kindle.

The video should explain a bit more but if you have any questions, please let me know!

Happy Designing!