Learning interior design can be daunting.  Sometimes it’s better to watch someone doing it and get experience that way. Today’s interior designers face a whirlwind of different hurdles to manage their business. Social media has made things easier in some ways but has added yet another thing that we have to do in our businesses.

How can we show young and future interior designers how things work?

Welcome to Home Conscious TV.  This is where you get to see what it’s like to be an interior designer, out on the road and in real homes and properties.

These will be videos appearing every week, but on different days as my schedule allows. They will come out on YouTube but will appear on this website as well so you can find them with the photos and information that accompany them.

Please watch, like and subscribe – and let me know what videos you would like me to create for you!

These will firstly encompass the Diary series of videos. These will show you what’s it’s like to be a designer so that you are learning interior design as it happens, so to speak.  You will get to see in my clients homes, get to see the workmen at work and see the projects as they unfold.

I’m not a videographer as you will soon see, but I hope that they help you if you wish to know what it’s like to run a project and what things come up. If I had my own video person, they would also be able to record all the meetings too!

We’ll start with a few visits out and about and go straight into one of my current projects which is known as ‘the Chelsea job‘.

Other videos will be of me visiting exhibitions and trade events – as many as I can get round to – so you can see where inspiration comes from and why it’s important to soak up design styles from a variety of different places.

And if you want to hear what’s happening in real time…

Follow along on Anchor also – this is my weekday radio show where I drop information and random snippets from throughout my day – learning interior design the audio way!

Happy Designing!

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