Decorex International – an event for Interior Designers

Decorex International is a trade show that happens once a year, in September in London.

It’s not an art fair, it’s an industry exhibition that is very valuable to both new and experienced design professionals.

So, in today’s video we quickly pop in to the Chelsea job before heading off to West London to enter Decorex International.

decorex international

I try to go every year to see what new items have come out and to take the time to explore new suppliers.

This year, we take a look around this trade show to give you a good idea of what you’ll find and what’s on offer.

Get Organised!

The best thing to do at these type of trade shows is to plan your visit in advance or at least think about it.

Because this trade event is on for about a week, you can come for more than one day and really utilise your time by speaking to exhibitors face-to-face, exploring products in detail, catching up with other design professionals that you may or may not know, and attending the events and talks that are held each day of the show.

Most of these talks are detailed on the show’s website, where they have a programme of events that you can peruse and decide which talks you want to attend.

A word of warning; you should get there early because these talks and conversations are very oversubscribed and it is important to plan ahead so that you are not disappointed. 

You will find that when travelling to this type of trade show, the organisers want to help you as much as possible and they will give you very clear directions on getting to the trade show, and almost always lay on a shuttle bus from the train or the underground that will drive you straight to the exhibition.  

These shuttle buses are an excellent way of getting people to and from the main train stations that are surrounding the event.  Take full advantage of this if you are using public transport.

Also included at these types of shows is a brochure which covers all of the exhibitors and contains all the contact details, what area of expertise they are in, where their stand is on the map of the show,  and what you can expect from their products.

Naturally there are the obvious advertisements throughout the brochure as well as a floor map, so you can see which area you are in and where you need to head to,  if you are attending those all-important talks and conversations.

If you are in need of food and drink, there are plenty of places to get some refreshments.  

It is worth pointing out that there is a separate set of rooms reserved for members of the Press, which are separate from the design professionals.

So, if you are a blogger or a vlogger or even a professional journalist, it is well worth emailing the organisers and asking for a press pass.

This is useful not only because it will allow you to take pictures and photographs, but it may also allow you to visit the exhibition for free.

The cost of an exhibition like this can vary but for a design professional you’d be looking at around £40.  That would be for the whole week and comes in the form of a pass,  whether you come on one day or all five.

But for you design professionals, this is a legitimate business expense.  Don’t forget to tell your accountant!

decorex international

What you will see on this video..

On this occasion, I have purposely walked all the aisles, so that you can see the breadth of exhibitors that are at Decorex International.

On this video you will see various different exhibitors showcasing their work.

You will notice that I move very speedily through this exhibition in order to condense the time for you to view this video.  I generally spend one day at Decorex as a minimum, and I’m generally focused as to what I want to see and what information I would like to take back to the office with me.

I do tend to try and visit the press area as well, because there are often samples there that are not on offer to general trade customers who are visiting.

You may well ask whether this particular show allows non-trade individuals to visit.

The answer is that they do, but it is  of little benefit unless someone is ‘doing up’ their house and really just wants some design ideas.  

When looking at furniture, for example, if you are not a design professional, these exhibitors will not hesitate to charge you the full retail rate of the furniture.  Which will be reasonably to very expensive.  This is not the place where you will find IKEA!

Some of the best things to view here are the lighting designers.  They showcase their work, some of which you will probably never use.  But it is nice to view it how it is meant to be seen.  

Art is also represented here and you will find a complete mix of interior products from sculpture to ironmongery and from bathroom suites to specialised windows for garden rooms.

So take a seat, press play on the video, and let me take you on a whistle stop tour of Decorex International!

Happy Designing!


decorex international