Construction Project Management – Interior Design Diary

When undertaking construction project management for interior design, it’s best to realise that it’s not always easy and it take you some time to master it. You will need tolerance, flexibility and a good sense of humour – not to mention organisational skills to get it right.

I think that most construction project management jobs are thought of as being masculine, because you are dealing with builders. But if you are managing an interiors project – especially for residential clients, then being a woman can help sometimes!

This is a first look at my new Interior Design Diary vlog. In this video you come straight into the middle of the latest construction project management job that I am doing. Follow me on YouTube to see how the job turns out. Spoiler – it turns out fabulous!

Here we see some of the rooms mid construction and some before strip out – that means when you take all the fixtures and fittings away and leave the shell of the house still standing. This is going to be quite a journey – let’s see what takes place over the next few months!

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But for now, take a look at these photos, there are many more of course, but these will give you a flavour of what the project is like and what’s going to happen to it.

Project Photos 


Construction Project Management Construction Project ManagementConstruction Project Management Construction Project ManagementConstruction Project Management


If you want to see more photos, videos and updates on this particular construction project and other projects too, then check out my YouTube channel Home Conscious YouTube Diary

See you soon!